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My Favorite Winter Fashion Purchases of 2017.

My Favorite Winter Fashion Purchases of 2017. navysweaterdress






Grey Over the Knee Boots  / Gold Tassel EarringsTory Burch Handbag

SWEATER DRESS: I am so sad this sweater dress is sold out on target but Navy Sweater Dresses are so flattering and they look great with grey over the knee boots. Here are some that I love and found on Nordstorm. They are all different price points.

Navy Dress #1

Navy Dress #2

Navy Dress #3

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My 2017 Fashion Staples

OVER THE KNEE BOOTS- I absolutely love OTK’s and they are definitely a favorite of mine. You can wear them with jeans, dress, or a skirt. I have some over the knee boots with and without heels in case I want to be dressy or casual. They make your legs look amazing every time. I suggest getting a taupe and black color so they can go with all of your outfits.




TASSEL EARRINGS- I cannot get enough of tassel earrings and the more the better. They can really dress up an outfit and I love adding them to my outfits for just a little pop of color. I also like to match them with my shoes.



HANDBAGS- My favorite handbags are tory burch because they are great quality but not too expensive. I have black, grey, and a perfect amber brown color. I also love the black for going out, the brown to shove everything in like my laptop, and the grey for everyday wear. I totally recommend having a variety of handbags with different sizes, shapes, and colors. I knew black would go with my dressy oufits so that’s why I have a small black tory burch. I wear brown with my more casual outfits so that is why I have huge brown handbag.

maternity fashion



Hats have always been a favorite of mine and here are my favorite ones of 2017. They can be that final touch to any outfit. I also love wearing matching hats with Grayson. 🙂




Thank you so much for following me this year and reading my posts. I hope you have the best new year with the ones you love!!

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Grey Over the Knee Boots and Pink Cardigan Outfit.

Green Hills Mall

greyoverthekneeboots winter fashion greenhillsmall mommyandtoddlershopping winter fashion pinkcardigan maternity fashion greyoverthekneeboots dadandtoddleroutfits

Pink Cardigan- shop here

Grey OTK boots- shop here

White Lace Tank- shop here

Last Saturday we shopped at Green Hills Mall in Nashville, TN. This mall brings back so many memories when my mom would take me to the doctor which was across the street from this mall. Every time the doctor would give me a shot she would take me to limited too to buy an outfit. I had a crazy love for fashion and limited too even was a little girl. If you are ever visiting Nashville this mall is pretty awesome. It is definitely high fashion but it is always fun to go into Chanel and look at everything.

This outfit is so comfy and perfect if you are pregnant because you can buy non-maternity. I got a ton of compliments on these boots and I just love how affordable they are. The boots are a little snug so I put some thick socks on, put my boots on over the socks, and used a hair dryer on all of the tight spots. That trick works like a charm. I think they are snug on me because I am so pregnant. lol

29 weeks pregnant update- I am getting so big. My acid reflux is almost at the unbearable point and it was not this bad with Grayson. I cannot sleep very well through the night. I am facing a ton of anxiety. 10 times more the usual. I am hoping nothing is really wrong with me and it’s just the pregnancy. I still have no cravings at all. Isn’t that weird?? Chris rubs my belly and feels her kick more than ever now. It makes me super happy when he does that.

Thanks for following along with me and you if have any questions about anything shoot me an email at I will respond super quick. I also do photography shoots on the side if you are in the Nashville area. By the way, I mean any questions… outfit details, make up details, hair details, pregnant questions.

I am working on a what is in my hospital bag post and I am super excited about that collaboration. It is almost time for the hospital. This is getting so exciting. I just can’t wait to snuggle her and soak in that new baby smell. If you are a momma you know what I am talking about.

Did you see what we were for Halloween? Halloween was so fun. To see blog post click here

I hope everyone has a great weekend,


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