My Favorite Winter Fashion Purchases of 2017.

My Favorite Winter Fashion Purchases of 2017. navysweaterdress






Grey Over the Knee Boots  / Gold Tassel EarringsTory Burch Handbag

SWEATER DRESS: I am so sad this sweater dress is sold out on target but Navy Sweater Dresses are so flattering and they look great with grey over the knee boots. Here are some that I love and found on Nordstorm. They are all different price points.

Navy Dress #1

Navy Dress #2

Navy Dress #3

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My 2017 Fashion Staples

OVER THE KNEE BOOTS- I absolutely love OTK’s and they are definitely a favorite of mine. You can wear them with jeans, dress, or a skirt. I have some over the knee boots with and without heels in case I want to be dressy or casual. They make your legs look amazing every time. I suggest getting a taupe and black color so they can go with all of your outfits.




TASSEL EARRINGS- I cannot get enough of tassel earrings and the more the better. They can really dress up an outfit and I love adding them to my outfits for just a little pop of color. I also like to match them with my shoes.



HANDBAGS- My favorite handbags are tory burch because they are great quality but not too expensive. I have black, grey, and a perfect amber brown color. I also love the black for going out, the brown to shove everything in like my laptop, and the grey for everyday wear. I totally recommend having a variety of handbags with different sizes, shapes, and colors. I knew black would go with my dressy oufits so that’s why I have a small black tory burch. I wear brown with my more casual outfits so that is why I have huge brown handbag.

maternity fashion



Hats have always been a favorite of mine and here are my favorite ones of 2017. They can be that final touch to any outfit. I also love wearing matching hats with Grayson. 🙂




Thank you so much for following me this year and reading my posts. I hope you have the best new year with the ones you love!!

Did you see our Maternity Pictures? See them here



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Full Term and Waiting on my Sweet Annslee Kate

maternityphoto maternityphoto couplematernityphoto maternityphotoonthebed bedmaternityphotos maternityphoto maternityphotography maternityphotography maternityphotos pregnantwomen thirdtrimester maternityphotography maternityphotography


Isn’t pregnancy one of the most amazing gifts God has ever given? It is so easy for me to sit and complain about my pain and discomfort. I decided today that pregnancy is so hard to enjoy but you have to look on the brighter side of things. I am terrible at patience and waiting on anything to arrive, especially packages from Nordstrom, so can you only image me sitting her waiting for a baby?

Is the nursery ready? Absolutely not. We are moving next weekend. Am I little crazy? Yes, probably so. But God wouldn’t give us anything we can’t handle and I might have to calm down my OCD tendencies down a little. I am a perfectionist. I want everything to be just right but sometimes you need to take a big deep breath and chill out.


Marriage is hard and kids make things a little harder sometimes. It doesn’t matter how much money we have or don’t have because we have each other. I cannot believe I get to grow this little family and I seriously have the best partner to help me.Some days I wonder how I got lucky enough to find him. This man has patience and watching it through every day life has taught me so much. He is far from perfect but he is definitely the perfect match for me. I remember all the support he gave while I was in labor with Grayson for 20 hours and pushed for 3 of them. My labor experience was a very stressful and traumatic event for me. But he held my hand through the entire thing.


He was napping when I took these pics but we have gotten so close over the past 2 weeks. I have taken time out of life to give him full attention and hang out with him. This morning Chris event commented how he has been attached to my hip. He rubs my belly constantly and tells me to tell Annslee Kate to get out. I think he is going to be the best big brother and I know he will help me with little sister. But he has made it extremely clear that he is not changing her diaper. haha I don’t blame you buddy.

Annslee Kate:

I can’t wait to meet you. I hope I can teach you that beauty on the inside is more important then the outside. I want to braid your hair and go shopping for makeup. I can’t wait to help you through every terrible breakup and teach you how to handle mean girls. I hope you are girly because I will not know how to handle it if you are not. I can’t wait to be your best friend but also be your mother.

The blog will be the first announcement of Annslee-Kate and I have something super fun I have been putting together for her arrival. Thanks for following a long with my little growing family. If you think about us please say a prayer for a smooth and healthy delivery. Labor and delivery is one of the scariest things a mother faces and the more support the better.



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Merry Christmas Eve and Tricks to Induce Labor Naturally.

familypictures familypictureschristmas famliychristmaspictures christmaspictures couplechristmaspics familychristmaspictures familychristmaspictures1 christmashair christmasoutfit christmaslook



Merry Christmas Eve!!

This Christmas the Schwartz family hung tight at their hometown in Paducah, Kentucky. I didn’t want to travel being this close to my due date. I didn’t get to see a lot of my family this year, which I really hate, but I have been having terrible contractions all day and I received doctors orders to not travel. I am not really sure if they are the real thing or not but the baby has definitely dropped causing a ton of pelvic pain. At this point of pregnancy you are so ready and just so miserable. My contractions/pain are always at night time too and I really don’t know why.

So I have been talking to a ton of mommas and here are the top “how I started labor naturally tricks”, just from moms that I know. I just wanted to share them with y’all if you are pregnant or maybe one day you will be pregnant. I am going to list the most popular to least popular that I have heard of!

  1. Pineapple- Pineapple has to be the MOST common. I have heard moms saying they ate pineapple and their water broke the next day. I did not know this when I was pregnant with Grayson. I have ate ton of pineapple and I was dilated at a 2 last week so I will let you guys know if it made me dilate anymore.
  2. Sex- I would say this is definitely the second most common way to naturally go into labor. You just have to convince your hubby you are not hurting the baby. But stats show that women go into labor a week after they have sex.
  3. Walking/ Exercise
  4. Spicy Food
  5. Membrane Sweep- One friend told me that her doctor did this and she would never do it again. It must be  un-comfortable. Your doctor has to preform this procedure and I am little scared to try it honestly.
  6. Castor Oil- This has to be the most disgusting form and I will not do this trick
  7. Sitting on an Exercise Ball. Bouncing lightly on a ball is suppose to help you go into labor? I tried this with Grayson and it didn’t work.

Note that I am not a medical professional and I am just simply giving you examples of tricks I have tried. I am not influencing you to try any of these.

I hope you have the best Christmas with your family. This will be the last Christmas with just me, Chris, and Grayson. I am glad I get this special time with him but we really can’t wait to meet the new baby.

Merry Christmas,




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Bump Boxes Review

bumpboxesreview bumpboxesreview
bumpboxesreview bumpboxesreiew
bumpboxesreview bumpboxesreview
 37 Week Bumpdate!!
I cannot believe that I am at 37 weeks? I guess this pregnancy is flying by. I cannot wait to meet my little baby girl but I will probably miss her little kicks. I have been nesting like crazy but nothing in my house is ready for her. We are moving into a 3 bedroom apartment but it will not be ready for another couple weeks. There is a possibility we will be moving while I have a newborn. Talk about stressful? I am 2 cm dilated and I have been eating pineapple like crazy. Everyone tells me that pineapple will help you go into labor. I have been researching so many ways to induce labor naturally but I don’t even know what the point is. I was induced with Grayson so I wonder if I will go past my due date with her too?
I teamed up with Bumpboxes to review this awesome box subscription for pregnant mothers. I wanted to show my pregnant followers and maybe they can get it as a gift while they are pregnant.
What was included in my box:
  • Headband for labor- super comfortable and will be great for keeping my hair back.
  • Foot soak- leaves your feet amazingly soft and it’s all natural
  • Water bottle- It says, “feeling fly as a mother”. I have been so thirsty and I am always looking for a big water bottle. You need to drink plenty of water while pregnant and breastfeeding so I am so glad this is in my box.
  • Foot rubs ball- My husband and I have been using this ball on our feet. It is great for a pregnant mother’s swollen feet.
  • Lip Mask- The lip mask is hard to stay on your face. You have to lay down and two of them were broken in the pack. My lips did feel great after one use. It is made with coconut oil.
  • Post Pregnancy Cream- This cream is supposed to naturally tighten the skin and reduce cellulite after pregnancy. I cannot wait to try this cream. I will need it for sure.

I love how the box contains natural and healthy products. This is great for a health-conscious momma. If you don’t like a product they will let you return it for store credit! I also like how it is tailored to your due date. This is such a great gift for a pregnant momma. The box is $40 a month but the more months you subscribe the cheaper it is.

Here is the link to shop at bumpboxes. com click here

More than likely Annslee Kate will have her big reveal on the blog so don’t forget to subscribe! I can’t wait for yall to meet her!





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What is in Momma’s Hospital Bag.

What’s in Momma’s Hospital Bag

hospital bag

This Rock Flower Paper bag is perfect for overnighting somewhere. You can shop the bag here

The Checklist


  1. 2 sleep dresses
  2. 1 robe
  3. 3 pairs of sock
  4. 5 pairs of maternity underwear
  5. 3 pairs of maternity bras
  6. 2 pairs of button up pj’s
  7. 2 maternity tank tops to go under pj’s (optional)
  8. slippers
  9. flip flops for the shower
  10. Going home outfit for mommy
  11. maternity top
  12. maternity leggings
  13. boots
  14. jacket


  1. Makeup Essentials
    1. foundation
    2. foundation powder
    3. eyeliner
    4. mascara/falsies/ falsie glue/ tweezers
    5. blush
    6. lipstick/chapstick
    7. blush brush
    8. beauty blender
    9. small bucket to set everything in
  2. postpartum maxi pads
  3. prenatal vitamins
  4. travel body wash and loofa
  5. travel toothpaste/ toothpaste/ floss
  6. deodorant
  7. dry shampoo
  8. makeup remover wipes
  9. coconut oil
  10. hairbrush
  11. hair bands and ties
  12. face wash/ face lotion


  1. laptop- charger
  2. phone- charger
  3. apple watch- charger
  4. camera bag
  5. favorite fuzzy blanket

I am going to show you some outfit ideas that I am packing in my hospital bag and why I am packing them.

pregnancy robe
This white robe is perfect to wear over sleep dresses because they cover and the silk is so comfy for you and the baby.
pregnancy clothes
I love pj’s that are button down because they make it super easy to breastfeed and you can stay warm.
postpartum clothes
Make sure you size up because you will still have a little baby bump postpartum.
gold slippers
These gold slippers are perfect for walking around at the hospital
Pack plenty of maternity bras and underwear. These underwear are perfect if you have a c-section scar.

Shop this underwear here

Shop bras here

Night gowns are my favorite because they are so comfortable and are also easy for breastfeeding.
Look how pretty this robe looks on top of the night gown.
Don’t forget fuzzy socks. These fuzzy socks you can wear at the hospital or during delivery.
maternity top.
This top is for going home. Its so flattering around the belly and it breast feeding accessible.

hospital bag


I love how I can put all my bathroom essentials in the front pockets so they are easy accessible and I don’t have to worry about them spilling on my clothes.
Don’t forget your hairbrush, hair ties, and hand bands. I will more then likely have a braid the entire time.

These are my makeup essentials that I cannot live without. Notice I didn’t pack my contour pallate or 30 brushes. This is the only makeup I will feel like putting on in the hospital if any.
I love how this bag has a spot for your cards and don’t forget to pack your insurance card in here too.
The hospital gives you postpartum pads but they are not too great. I brought a few of my own for the ride home. Make sure you pack tucks pads too.
Don’t forget to pack prenatal vitamins especially if you plan on breast feeding.
hospital bag
Don’t forget a head band to keep your hair out of your face during labor
I use coconut oil as a lotion, lip balm, and most importantly to remove all my makeup. My biggest tip is to remove all your makeup before you go into labor. You will not be taking any pictures while in labor and you will only take them after. I didn’t let anyone take a picture of me until I put my makeup on and I am going to have a clean face this time.
Makeup wipes are also great to have in your hospital bag in case you are too tired to wash your face.


fuzzy blanket for the hospital
So the last time I was in labor I packed a big fuzzy blanket. I am so glad I did this because it is awesome to have for you and the baby. It’s so soft and comfortable it makes you feel more at home.

Don’t forget to check out my latest blog post here

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Maternity Products Roundup and Sneak Peak of Baby Annslee!

maternity fashion maternity fashion

maternityphotoshoot maternityphotoshoot

maternity photography 3rdtrimester 3rdtrimestermaternity 3rdtrimester

Here is the 4D ultrasound of Annslee Kate! I think she looks like me! YAY! haha Who do y’all think she looks more like?

A. Too soon to tell.

B. Kelly

C. Chris



4D ultrasound 28 weeks pregnant


How am I feeling?

My heartburn is terrible. I am on a prescription heart burn medication that helps a little and I take TUMs on top of that. Heartburn is not fun. I wonder if she is going to have a lot of hair. Even though they say that is myth. But the nausea has gone away and that’s good! My milk came and that hasn’t been fun. I haven’t been able to fit in any of my bras. 🙁

Do my clothes fit?

Some of my clothes still fit if they are stretchy enough but maternity jeans are now a must. The hair tie around the button trick doesn’t work anymore like it used to.

Are you uncomfortable?

Bending down isn’t fun anymore so I already try to avoid that at all costs. I have a sharp pain on ONE freaking spot on my back. Sometimes I feel like it is really hard to breathe.

Cutest memory this month?

So Chris came in for my doctor’s appointment so he could see the first 4D ultrasound of Annslee Kate. She wouldn’t get her arm off her mouth so we could see her whole face. I told Chris to come try and move her because every time he rubs my belly she will move. So he came over and start rubbing my belly and she moved her arm. It was the craziest thing. Me and the ultra sound tech were cracking up. There is already a sweet connection with her and her daddy. I can’t wait to see the two of them together. He is going to love this little girl.


I have been cooking like crazy and organizing the house. I am totally and completely in the nesting stage.

Favorite Maternity Products?

Belly Butter – click to shop on Amazon here

maternity products








Maternity Underwear

What I love about these is that they cover enough and they don’t look like Granny underwear. I got 5 pairs but I might get more. They are the cutest maternity underwear I have ever seen.  Shop here

maternity products maternityproducts





Maternity Bras

Another great find from Amazon. A girl in my mommy group told me about this. They are so comfortable and the back has extenders incase you get bigger. Shop here

maternity bras









Maternity Clothes










Everly Grey is a great maternity brand. All of their tops are breastfeeding accessible. I cannot wait to rock these before and After Annslee gets here.

They even have matching outfits for you and the baby in the hospital.

Top- here

Jeans- here












Matching hospital outfits here

Thanks everyone for reading! I hope you can find some maternity products that helps you and your growing belly!



A Fun Family Day at Huyck Farms.


Hey Everyone!!

We are settling into Paducah more and more each day. I love looking up local events on Facebook and finding fun stuff for Grayson to go to. This fun family event at Huyck Farms was not only fun but the venue was beautiful. It had a ton of picture ops if you can’t tell. We bought kettle corn, local honey (this is great for allergies by the way), fresh apples, and of course pumpkins. Fall is such a warm time of year. I love making awesome memories with the family.

My outfit is all maternity and it is from Everly Gray.  I love the pants because they are super stretchy and comfortable. My top has a side zipper for breast feeding,  which is perfect post baby. It will be great wearing this top in January when Annslee is due because it doesn’t hug around the tummy at all and I can hide my post baby bump.

Shop this cold shoulder maternity top here

Shop these maternity dark maternity jeans here

Below is a video of this hairstyle that I did yesterday! One random girl at the pumpkin patch asked if she could take a picture of my hair because she loved it so much. I post a lot of videos of me getting ready on my Instagram story. Yesterday I did a hair tutorial and last week I did a makeup tutorial. People really seem to like them so just expect to see one on Saturday’s!

Everyone enjoy and if you have ANY questions about anything don’t forget to ASK 🙂

I love helping and answering questions!







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Lily Jade Diaper Bag Review

Lily Jade Diaper Bag Review


diaper bag











I teamed up with Lily Jade Co to show you this amazing diaper bag. I made a list of reasons why I think it’s worth investing in this diaper bag. The price of is $340 but if you are looking for a diaper bag you are going to love, use, and even for your husband to use, then this bag for you. Also the shipping is FREE!

You can shop this Lily Jade Diaper Bag here

  1. Great quality leather and a great color. The color is also good for when Chris needs to go out with the baby. I got a black bag because I already have a big brown purse and I didn’t have a black one. They do have some great colors to choose from to fit your style.
  2. You can take this Lily Jade diaper bag insert out and use it as a purse. This is great to use once to the baby is a toddler. I could fit Grayson’s iPad, my wallet, and my camera all in this bag. I could fit my laptop for work as well. So I am carrying the bag before the baby is here.

    Diaper Bag insert that you can take in and out.
  3. It turns into a backpack. THE BEST FEATURE OF ALL. I was literally jumping up to and down when I saw it turned into a backpack. The straps are adjustable so its fits your hubby too. So it also has the top straps, you can wear it as a backpack or a purse. So versatile.
  4. You can use the long strap for a backpack or a cross body. I cannot get over how many different ways you can wear this bag.
  5. It has 3 front pockets so you can throw your keys and phone in those so they don’t get lost in your bag. Why do I always loose everything in my purse. Does anyone else have this problem?
  6. There is a magnetic flap on top  so you can close your Lily Jade Diaper Bag in a hurry. This magnetic flap has a little zipper pocket if you wanted to throw a paci in there. It does have main zipper; however, if you need to close your bag real quick this flap prevents everything falling out of your diaper bag.
  7. It comes with a changing pad.
  8. This Lily Jade Diaper Bag is super easy to clean and wipe off.
  9. The only thing I don’t like about this bag is the price. I do think it’s pricey and I wish it was a little more affordable; however, it’s a great investment and you can use it as a purse as well.
  10. The bag has a 1 year warranty. Special conditions apply.

Let me know if you have any questions about this bag and I would be glad to answer them for you! Thanks for reading and following along with my post. I have some hair tutorials coming soon!

Don’t forget to check out my latest post here




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Life Update for the Schwartz Fam!



We have some great news……







11 Weeks Pregnant Bump-date!

Baby #2 is on the way and should be making an arrival on Jan 7th. I know I have been a little MIA with my blog and social media lately. People have been texting me non-stop asking me if I am okay. I have been very nauseous and very tired with this baby. I feel like this pregnancy has been a lot harder than my last one. I am having a really hard time adjusting to everything. The morning sickness has gotten a little bit better. I am not having any cravings.. just a ton of food aversions. I associate so many foods with being sick. I also feel like this baby is sucking the beauty out of me. I know that sounds so weird but I feel like this baby is JUST different.

We are having a gender reveal party on July 15th to see what the baby is going to be. I did do a chromosome test and that is how I can tell what the gender is at 12 weeks. I did not get the test to see if my baby had down syndrome (Chris and I have both agreed that it would not change anything.) The doctor just told me I could also find out the gender pretty quick and that is why some parents do it.

My first ultra sound was last week and Chris and I were so excited. Little baby Schwartz was wiggling around in my tummy like crazy. We are both hoping for a girl but we will be over the moon if it’s a boy. Even though I see how Chris and his brother wrestle around the house and I hate that. haha

Since I am pregnant and all.. I will be giving out some pregnancy tips on my blog and my goal will be styling pregnant women without buying maternity clothes. It has been really hard for me to look my best with this pregnancy. I am just going to go ahead and admit it. So I will be posting tips on how to do quick makeup/hair styles, heatless waves, and diet ideas.

My first set of tips are for the first trimester of pregnancy and making things easier for momma. Especially when you have a little toddler running around!!  lol I love him to death though! He keeps telling me that he wants 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Like really dude? lol


Tips for the First Trimester.

  1. Get a Mani/Pedi. I have my own shellac machine and I can obviously do my own pedicure. Both of these things save you money but I don’t really think it saves that much time. You need time to rest and you should totally pamper yourself. Plus pedicures are great for pregnant women because your feet swell. When I told my hubby I was going to get these things done.. he had no problem with it. He does realize that I am tired and a little pampering helps. This tip came from my best blogging friends ever. Thanks Beauty Squad. I don’t know what I would do without you girls. By the way, if you don’t know of a good nail salon in your area use the app called Yelp. I love yelp and I have always found the reviews to be true.
  2. Meal Prepping. I meal prepped for me and Chris a lot before I was pregnant. Cooking is the last thing I want to do right now because I am so tired when I get off work. I found service in Paducah, KY that will cook 20 meal prepped meals for us for only $6.50 a meal. Not only are the meals full of healthy protein, veggies, and complex carbs… but I don’t have to cook them!! If you are looking for local meal prep services in your area you can try to google it or you can visit local gyms and they usually know of one!
  3. Cleaning Service. If you have the money to spare I highly recommend hiring someone to clean your house while you are pregnant. The first trimester you are tired and do not want to clean. The second trimester you might not want to clean. But the third you will be so big that you can’t clean. I love my husband but he just cannot clean like I can. But I love him nonetheless.
  4. Organize your closet. This might sound silly but I got into a little nesting stage and organized my closet and now I feel like I am in heaven.  I organized everything by season and style and it has helped my mood. I even got this amazing shoe organizer at bed, bath, and beyond and I totally recommend it!!! I linked it Here
  5. Pregnancy Pillow. Pregnancy pillows are great. Boppy makes one that is really good that I used with my last pregnancy. I linked it Hereand it is about $60. I definitely think it is worth the money. We are trying to get Grayson out of our bed but it has been hard. He slept with us last night and he literally head butted me at 4 this morning. haha Sorry Grayson but it’s time to go!

    Boppy Pregnancy Pillow
  6. Have a serious conversation with your husband. I told Chris that I was not going to be able to cook, clean, help with Grayson, run errands, and workout as much as I use to. I let him know that my work ethic at home and moods would be changing dramatically. Chris honestly understood and stepped up and did everything. So when I got home and went straight to bed it was no surprise to him. I think he has gotten annoyed a little bit but he hasn’t made a big deal about it. But you cannot get mad when you house isn’t perfect like usual. I wouldn’t complain at him much because he is helping so much.
  7. Gatorade and water are seriously your best friend. This really just depends on your mood and food/drink aversions. I drank a ton of gingerale the first couple of weeks and now I don’t want to look at it. Lemon gatorade has helped me a lot so I have been sipping on that and water.
  8. Nuts make an easy on the go snack. I take nuts everywhere I go because the nurse told me that it helps with getting fiber in my diet, and it also helps your stomach hold some protein. If I do not have something on my stomach … I get super nauseous. Peanuts are my favorite!!!
  9. Make an effort for your friends. I have gone to almost everything I have been invited to even though I don’t feel good and I can’t drink alcohol. I know sometimes you feel tired and out-of-place when you are pregnant. Honestly, I am so glad that I am still trying to keep an active social time because it helps my moods with pregnancy.
  10. If this is your second baby… spend as much time with your first. I have super mom guilt lately because it has always been me, Chris and Grayson and now everything has changed. I don’t want Grayson to feel left out. I am going to try to appreciate every moment I have with him by myself. Saying that, that’s another reason why I took a little social media/blogging break. I have been spending all my time with him and away from my phone.