All my Hair Products are listed below.

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All of these hair products are in my shower or on my bathroom sink. I use these products almost every day. The most dramatic difference you are going to have with your hairstyles is buying extensions and I talk about them below. I get way more compliments on my hair when my extensions are in. It not only adds length but it adds a ton of volume. Let me know if you have any questions about anything and I will be glad to answer! Latest blog post here



My Favorite Hair Products:


paulmitchellblondeshampooI use Paul Mitchell Blonde 

This shampoo is purple and it helps your hair stay a beautiful blonde color.

If you are blonde you know it can turn this ugly brassy color. This prevents your hair from doing that.

Shop this shampoo here



This conditioner is great if you color your hair.

Sulfate will strip your color and this keeps your color lasting longer.

Shop this conditioner here


Dry Shampoo

This is my favorite Dry Shampoo because of the price.

I only wash my hair about once a week.

I use this every day in between washes.

Shop this dry shampoo here

Texture Spray


I use texture spray to help my curls stay in and it really does work.

If you have thin hair like me and you need extra body you have to get some texture spray.

Spray in your hair when wet.

Shop this texture spray here

Curling Iron


I use a 3/4 inch Hot Tools Curling Iron.

I only curl small pieces of hair. Maybe 1-inch pieces

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Frizz Control 


Dry Shampoo can cause your hair to be frizzy.

Also the winter can really dry your hair out with the heating inside the house.

I use this product when my hair is wet or dry.

Just apply a small amount in the palms and rub it all over your hair to calm down your frizz. Try not to touch your roots.

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I use 2 different types of extensions. I use Halo extensions (halo is one big piece attached to a fishing wire) and Clip in extensions (they have 9 weft pieces that you clip in all over your head).

There are pros and cons to both but right now I have been loving halo extensions because they only take a second to put in and out, they are more comfortable for everyday wear, they are very easily hidden, and they blend a lot easier.

The cons with a halo are that you can only do a couple hairstyles (mainly for wearing your hair down) and sometimes the fishing wire will rub on your head and makes your hair do this weird loop thing. So you have to watch it sometimes.  I am wearing halo extensions in this picture and  Shop these exact extensions here.

Hair Brush


This is seriously the best hair brush I have ever used.

I love it because it doesn’t hurt your head when you are trying to get out all of the tangles.

This is a great brush to use every day and for when you do a blow out with your hairdryer.

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Hair Spray 


This is by far my favorite Hairspray because it holds my curl so well.

Not only does it hold your style but it also adds a ton of volume.

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