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Here is the 4D ultrasound of Annslee Kate! I think she looks like me! YAY! haha Who do y’all think she looks more like?

A. Too soon to tell.

B. Kelly

C. Chris



4D ultrasound 28 weeks pregnant


How am I feeling?

My heartburn is terrible. I am on a prescription heart burn medication that helps a little and I take TUMs on top of that. Heartburn is not fun. I wonder if she is going to have a lot of hair. Even though they say that is myth. But the nausea has gone away and that’s good! My milk came and that hasn’t been fun. I haven’t been able to fit in any of my bras. 🙁

Do my clothes fit?

Some of my clothes still fit if they are stretchy enough but maternity jeans are now a must. The hair tie around the button trick doesn’t work anymore like it used to.

Are you uncomfortable?

Bending down isn’t fun anymore so I already try to avoid that at all costs. I have a sharp pain on ONE freaking spot on my back. Sometimes I feel like it is really hard to breathe.

Cutest memory this month?

So Chris came in for my doctor’s appointment so he could see the first 4D ultrasound of Annslee Kate. She wouldn’t get her arm off her mouth so we could see her whole face. I told Chris to come try and move her because every time he rubs my belly she will move. So he came over and start rubbing my belly and she moved her arm. It was the craziest thing. Me and the ultra sound tech were cracking up. There is already a sweet connection with her and her daddy. I can’t wait to see the two of them together. He is going to love this little girl.


I have been cooking like crazy and organizing the house. I am totally and completely in the nesting stage.

Favorite Maternity Products?

Belly Butter – click to shop on Amazon here

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Maternity Underwear

What I love about these is that they cover enough and they don’t look like Granny underwear. I got 5 pairs but I might get more. They are the cutest maternity underwear I have ever seen.  Shop here

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Maternity Bras

Another great find from Amazon. A girl in my mommy group told me about this. They are so comfortable and the back has extenders incase you get bigger. Shop here

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Maternity Clothes










Everly Grey is a great maternity brand. All of their tops are breastfeeding accessible. I cannot wait to rock these before and After Annslee gets here.

They even have matching outfits for you and the baby in the hospital.

Top- here

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Matching hospital outfits here

Thanks everyone for reading! I hope you can find some maternity products that helps you and your growing belly!