Hey Everyone!!

We are settling into Paducah more and more each day. I love looking up local events on Facebook and finding fun stuff for Grayson to go to. This fun family event at Huyck Farms was not only fun but the venue was beautiful. It had a ton of picture ops if you can’t tell. We bought kettle corn, local honey (this is great for allergies by the way), fresh apples, and of course pumpkins. Fall is such a warm time of year. I love making awesome memories with the family.

My outfit is all maternity and it is from Everly Gray.  I love the pants because they are super stretchy and comfortable. My top has a side zipper for breast feeding,  which is perfect post baby. It will be great wearing this top in January when Annslee is due because it doesn’t hug around the tummy at all and I can hide my post baby bump.

Shop this cold shoulder maternity top here

Shop these maternity dark maternity jeans here

Below is a video of this hairstyle that I did yesterday! One random girl at the pumpkin patch asked if she could take a picture of my hair because she loved it so much. I post a lot of videos of me getting ready on my Instagram story. Yesterday I did a hair tutorial and last week I did a makeup tutorial. People really seem to like them so just expect to see one on Saturday’s!

Everyone enjoy and if you have ANY questions about anything don’t forget to ASK 🙂

I love helping and answering questions!