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I teamed up with Lily Jade Co to show you this amazing diaper bag. I made a list of reasons why I think it’s worth investing in this diaper bag. The price of is $340 but if you are looking for a diaper bag you are going to love, use, and even for your husband to use, then this bag for you. Also the shipping is FREE!

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  1. Great quality leather and a great color. The color is also good for when Chris needs to go out with the baby. I got a black bag because I already have a big brown purse and I didn’t have a black one. They do have some great colors to choose from to fit your style.
  2. You can take this Lily Jade diaper bag insert out and use it as a purse. This is great to use once to the baby is a toddler. I could fit Grayson’s iPad, my wallet, and my camera all in this bag. I could fit my laptop for work as well. So I am carrying the bag before the baby is here.

    Diaper Bag insert that you can take in and out.
  3. It turns into a backpack. THE BEST FEATURE OF ALL. I was literally jumping up to and down when I saw it turned into a backpack. The straps are adjustable so its fits your hubby too. So it also has the top straps, you can wear it as a backpack or a purse. So versatile.
  4. You can use the long strap for a backpack or a cross body. I cannot get over how many different ways you can wear this bag.
  5. It has 3 front pockets so you can throw your keys and phone in those so they don’t get lost in your bag. Why do I always loose everything in my purse. Does anyone else have this problem?
  6. There is a magnetic flap on top  so you can close your Lily Jade Diaper Bag in a hurry. This magnetic flap has a little zipper pocket if you wanted to throw a paci in there. It does have main zipper; however, if you need to close your bag real quick this flap prevents everything falling out of your diaper bag.
  7. It comes with a changing pad.
  8. This Lily Jade Diaper Bag is super easy to clean and wipe off.
  9. The only thing I don’t like about this bag is the price. I do think it’s pricey and I wish it was a little more affordable; however, it’s a great investment and you can use it as a purse as well.
  10. The bag has a 1 year warranty. Special conditions apply.

Let me know if you have any questions about this bag and I would be glad to answer them for you! Thanks for reading and following along with my post. I have some hair tutorials coming soon!

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