5 Reasons Why I love Fitness by Kotex.

Hey guys!

I really didn’t get into fitness until after I had Grayson. My husband and I have really changed our diet and fitness around in the past couple years and I love it. I cannot believe how much more energy I have lately … and no it’s not all the coffee. Here are my top 5 reasons I love working on my fitness.

5 Reasons Why I Love Fitness.

1. Fitness gives you so much energy. I know that you have heard it time and time again. But 20 minutes a day of jogging, running, and walking can help you skip another cup of coffee. Go on a nice relaxing hike. You can do this!

2. Fitness helps your moods. I remember running to the gym on my lunch break and my boss was like why are you doing that? I told him that my husband and I do not fight when I workout regularly. Is that not super strange? I am such a happier person with I have time to go to my barre class or go to the gym.

3. Fitness gives me confidence. I have to be the first to admit that I HATE my body. Is there any women out there that love everything about their body. We seem to always find flaws. I really hate that about us. However, when I keep up with a regular fitness routine I start to really love the way my body looks. That’s awesome!

4. Fitness helps me find friends. Every time I move to a new city I look for a local fitness class and I make friends there. It is such an awesome way to meet friends. Usually, you and your new friend have something in common and yall can plan other ways to stay in shape like riding bikes.

5. Fitness relieves so much stress. I do Barre 4 days a week and it has yoga. I have never really been into yoga. I don’t know why I wasn’t interested because it relieves so much stress. You really concentrate on stretching and breathing correctly. When I told my doctor I was stressed she prescribed me yoga!

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