10 Steps to the Perfect Date Night at Home.

Do me a favor! Put the kids to bed a plan a date night at home. We don’t have a babysitter in Paducah and we really don’t have the money for a date night this Valentine’s day (especially with hospital bills and me being on maternity leave). So I had to get creative with our date night this year. This blog post will give you and your man tips on how to have a date night at home.


Chris and I have been on the paleo diet and we are making some serious lifestyle changes now that I am not pregnant. So date night is going to be an amazing treat for us. We also have been a little disconnected with having two kids and a newborn. We are tired parent zombies that never feel like going out even if we did have a sitter.

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10 Steps to your Perfect Date Night at Home:

Talk to your husband ahead of time and ask him what the perfect date night for him would be. Chris told me his perfect Date night would be making his favorite dish and us playing Xbox together. His favorite dish is pesto chicken. My favorite dish is a gluten-free pizza. We compromised on the pizza so I didn’t have to cook. He didn’t mind.

Dress up or Dress Down. I love dressing up and Chris loves dressing down. I wanted to dress up like we were going out and sit at the dinner table like a real date. He wanted to dress down and lay in the bed. We went with dressing down. Either one is a great idea.

Indulge in your favorite foods and Drinks. What did yall eat or drink on your first date together? Pizza, M and M’s, popcorn, beer, and wine? Those are all the favorite things we like to eat and drink together. I think it connects us in some weird way.

datenightathomeSet the Mood. Some cheap roses from the grocery store will do it. Cover the bed in rose petals and get an awesome tray from Amazon to set your food on. Lighting candles always help to set the mood.

Link to my favorite Bed Tray here

Link to my favorite Tyler Candle here

datenightathomePUT YOUR PHONES AWAY. Phones are not a great way to notice each other. We fight over not paying attention to each other while we are on the phones. This is time for you and your husband to connect together. Bye Phones!

Take a Bath Together. When was the last time you took a bath together? Baths work better for us. I hate not being under the water and getting cold. Put some rose petals and candles in your bathtub. Impress him with a bath bomb. I bet your husband will think it’s cool.

Start a show Together.

Here are some of OUR favorite Netflix and On Demand shows. Notice I said OUR. These are Guy and Girl Approved.

  1. The Good Doctor
  2. The Office
  3. Scandal
  4. How I Met Your Mother.
  5. The New Girl
  6. The Walking Dead
  7. The Assassination of Gianni Versace
  8. This is Us

Play a game together.

  1. Scavenger Hunt. If you got each other a little gift then you can do a scavenger hunt on where to find it.
  2. Get to know me Trivia. Come up with 20 questions each. Does winner get a back rub? Yall come up with a prize for the winner.
  3. Xbox- Chris is always begging for me to play Zombies with him.
  4. Beer Pong on the Kitchen Table- Chri’s favorite game.

Build a Fort in the Living Room.

Sometimes a change in scenery is good. Pull out all the blankets and put your mattress on the living room floor. We did this all the time when we were dating in college.

Rent a Movie.

I don’t know about you but we don’t rent movies unless they are kid approved. So rent Fifty Shades or something you know you couldn’t watch when the kids are around. Just make sure you two don’t fall asleep. That happens to us all the time.

I hope yall enjoyed this blog post because it was so fun for me to make!! Whatever you and your man end up doing just try to enjoy each other. Life can get so crazy with kids, school, and work. But remember those little moments before the kids were here and it was just you two.


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Everly Grey Matching Set

Maternity Leave

It is such a dream. I love being home with her and getting so many cuddles. She is the sweetest baby. Sometimes I just love staring at her and soaking in every minute because I know these minutes are not going to last long. Since I have been on maternity leave and home 24/7.. comfort and breast access is the main key. Whatever I pick out in my closet has to be breast accessible because I am feeding her every 3 hours or so.

Everly Grey is the greatest brand of clothing for so many reasons and here are my top reasons I love them.

Perfect for Pregnant and Post-partum Bodies.

The clothes look so flattering postpartum so when you spend money on maternity you don’t have to toss it out just yet. Finding clothes to fit your body after a baby is hard and Everly Grey makes it so easy.everlygreyoutfit everlygreymaternitybra motherdaughternewbornphoto

Breast Accessible.

You don’t have to worry about looking for something when you go out in public. All of their clothing makes it easy to pop out your breasts for feedings without exposing your belly.


Are you weird about the material? I hate buying clothes to find that they itch or the material isn’t as good. This material is baby soft. I love wearing anything from them because it’s so comfortable.

True to Size.

I hate buying clothes and realizing I should have sized up or down. This brand is true to size and it doesn’t shrink when you wash them.


The price is reasonable. It’s not cheap but you are getting great quality. Something you can wear over and over. Now that I am getting older, I would rather wear something over and over that, I love than to wear something once that I absolutely hate.


My 4 Piece Matching Set Includes:

Maternity Bra




Click here to shop

Annslee Kate’s Matching Baby Set Includes




Click here to shop

Having a Boy? Check out this matching Set



Click here to shop

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8 Newborn Photography Tips with April Shoulta Photography.

Newborn photography can be so stressful. With these tips, I can help make the experience a little easier for your baby, for your family, and especially for you. This post is in collaboration with April Shoulta Photography. Click here to visit her website

Hire a photographer that specializes newborn photography.

I loved working with April Shoulta Photography in Paducah, Kentucky. She specializes in newborn photos and she emailed me some tips the night before the session. She also had a ton of headbands to pick from and she provided Annslee Kate’s adorable outfit. I was like a kid in the candy store getting to pick out her head accessories. I just love her style and how she likes to be a “fly on the wall”. I felt so comfortable working with her and having her come into my home.

aprilshoultaphoto aprilshoultaphotography

Click here to shop her floral deer crown by Mason and Harlow.

Take the photography session at your home.

It is so casual and it was so special for us. My apartment has a ton of natural light and everything in my apartment is white so that helped to set the scene for the shoot. I felt so comfortable having it at my home and I loved how I didn’t have to worry getting my baby out. Especially since it is winter and there is a lot of sickness going around.

If you plan on having your shoot at home and you want all white bedding like mine click here to shop.

Schedule that appointment during the day when you know your baby will be asleep.

I scheduled my appointment during her nap time. You want your baby to be asleep during the session so she will be cooperative. Sleepy babies are the key to a great session.

Feed your baby right before the shoot.

Even if it wasn’t time for her to eat, I would wake her up to feed. A full tummy helps her sleep through the whole session. That is the goal! Sleepy babies make it easy for posing.

Plan on bribing the sibling to get them to cooperate.

I told Grayson if he cooperated that he could get a juice. We cut juice out at the house so this was a big deal. He cooperated too. April Shoulta is a mom with 3 kids so she knows how to get them to cooperate as well.

Schedule the session 10 days after birth or sooner.

Newborns are super sleepy after birth so try to schedule the appointment as soon as you can. I would coordinate with your photographer while you are pregnant and let her know a round about date of coming over and shooting. Do your research too. Look through the photographers Instagram or website and let her know what you love or don’t love.

Keep it natural.

There was not a lot of posing here. We didn’t look up poses on Pinterest. She just captured our family and our normal routine. It was perfect. I didn’t know how the pictures would turn out but I loved it.

Wear Neutrals.

I remember wearing crazy prints and colors in one of my pregnancy photo shoots. I regretted wearing those terrible prints. With that being said.. just wear solid colors because it didn’t look too distracting or busy.

Photo sessions are supposed to be fun. Just relax and trust your photographer will capture those special moments for you. I hope you enjoy these pictures because I will cherish them forever.






































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The Birth Story of Annslee Kate

Everyone remembers the birth of their child. Every single detail, every single up, and unfortunately, every single down. You remember being uncomfortable and in pain, but above it all, you remember seeing that sweet little face.

birth story


Warning: This might contain some serious detail about birth. This is a raw blog post so just be prepared for that. If you are expecting don’t be scared by this po. Everyone has a story that can scare you and that is not what I am trying to do.

I was forty weeks pregnant and I walk into to my last OB appointment. Dr. Lasher asked if I was ready to deliver this baby Jan. 11th 2018? Chris and I look at each other and smile so big. The doctor was monitoring my placenta the entire pregnancy and she didn’t want me to go over 40 weeks. I honestly think I chose the right doctor because she did an awesome job of making sure I didn’t worry about anything.

Something fun you didn’t know about me is that I am an extreme hypochondriac. One time I had a headache and I got a CT scan because I thought it was brain cancer (no joke). It’s something my husband has noticed since we started dating. My OB had some sense of it to and she definitely kept me calm during labor when things got a little weird.

Thursday morning at 5:00 a.m. we are set to be induced and no one really knows but a hand full of people. Chris and I were the only ones at the hospital and only close family knew of me being induced. This was honestly one of the greatest decisions I ever made. I didn’t worry about people being in my room and I didn’t have to worry about updating 500 people via text or phone calls. Chris and I had our privacy and it was WONDERFUL. I wanted her birth to be a surprise and joy when I decided to announce. I wanted it all on my own time.

(This is what I really looked like giving birth by the way.)

They started the pitocin drip and I had a nurse change to Shelly. I loved my nurse Shelly. She held my hand through everything and even stayed past her shift to help me push. I had no connection with Grayson’s nurse and buddy does it make a difference. She was a Godsend and she did an amazing job at keeping me calm through the entire thing. Even the downs.

When you are induced the contractions are hard and strong (so they say.. I have never had a child without being induced). It was awful. I gripped the side of the bed and moaned for hours. I told myself this was probably the last baby ever. I couldn’t believe how bad it hurt. The nurse said it was time to break my water and then after my water was broken I could get the epidural.

When my water was broken with Grayson I just remember water coming out slowly all over the bed. I don’t’ remember it hurting which makes me think that maybe I had my epidural before they broke my water with Grayson. The pain I felt when they broke my water was unimaginable. I wish I could describe it in words but there is no way. I cried 20 minutes after it was over just from the trauma. I remember Chris holding my hand so tight.

They ordered my epidural and boy was I ready. Getting your epidural is another scary stage of labor because they are sticking a giant needle in your back while you are contracting so hard. You are trying everything you can to not move and paralyze yourself. Oh, and did I mention that my smart husband wanted to know how she did it so it was taking even longer because she was going over every single step? I was kinda cussing Chris in my head but oh well.

The epidural feels so amazing because the pain is gone and you can sleep or do whatever you want like read a book or make a birth video. I was making Annslee Kate’s birth video while I was in labor. No surprise to my friends at all. Chris slept the entire time. I guess he was gearing up for the nights to come. They increased my pitocin and that’s when everything got weird.

The nurse Shelly would come in and just stare at the baby monitor. I could see on her face something wasn’t right and she would just say things like “the baby doesn’t like it when you are on your back.” So she would turn me from side to side.

I asked her if she was going to increase my pitocin because I noticed after she was staring at the monitor that she turned it down from a 14 to a 7. She told me she is going to keep it steady for a while because the baby didn’t like my hard contractions. With every contraction, her heart rate would drop.

The nurse and the doctor did a great job at kinda telling me but saying it wasn’t anything to worry about. I told Chris to stare at the baby monitor for me because I wanted to know if it dipped too low. But after a few more hours it was about 6:30 or so that night Shelly said I was at a 10 and ready to push.

The pushing: It’s the worse part and honestly I try but it’s hard to really know what you are doing when you are numb. The nurses and doctors tried to coach me but it’s hard. At least it is for me, I bet some women are just champs. Shelly did tell me she was a tight fit though. That her head could fit but barely. I don’t have to right body for childbirth I guess?

We pushed for an hour and I’m exhausted and crying. Chris said I was giving up. The doctor said that the baby is still high so we put one of those yoga balls between my legs. I could feel her coming down though and the epidural was worn off or I just felt a ton of pressure. I would push and her head would come two steps forward and one step back.

The nurse and doctor come back and we try this dreadful pushing thing again. The doctor really wants this baby out I think. I sensed the urgency. I always thought that mirror in the room was weird and I wouldn’t want it. But… they kept saying we see her head. I said,  “bring that mirror over here”. I thought if I could see her then I would just know what I am doing and I will push her out. It WORKED. I saw her head and the doctor said I almost pushed her completely out without her having the team and her being gowned for delivery. She made me stop pushing.. it was insane. I am a very visual person so maybe I just needed to see her just a little.

With that final push, they put Annslee Kate on my belly and she kinda looked purple. Maybe all babies come out this way… but I honestly did not know if she was alive. Then I heard that sweet cry. Dr. Lasher said she came out sideways and the cord was wrapped around her neck. They cleaned her up and she came back so pink. It was amazing.

The doctor also told me after she was delivered that her heart rate wasn’t doing too well during labor. It wasn’t enough distress for a c section but it wasn’t good either. That was kinda scary.

The minute I saw her face all that pain, all the morning sickness, all the stress, and all that worry was gone. That’s how women do this over and over and forget everything. The connection you feel just takes it all away.

I am so glad she is here and with us so I can hang out and snuggle with her. She brings our family so much joy and little brother can’t quit kissing her either.

Thanks for reading my birth story and following along with our family,


Want to see what I packed in my hospital bag? http://www.abraidedblonde.com/2017/11/18/what-is-in-mommas-hospital-bag/

Labor Checklist:

  1. Book
  2. Pillow for mommy and daddy
  3. Blanket for mommy and daddy.
  4. Hair Tie. I had my hair in braids.
  5. Don’t wear any makeup! Have your makeup for after delivery. 🙂
  6. Laptop and Laptop Charger. (We watched the office on netflix the whole time) It hurt to laugh though. But it helped my mood.
  7. Snacks for after delivery. My parents got me food because I went like 24 hours without eating and drinking but if you don’t have your parents just remember to have food with you.

hospital newborn photo hospital birth

We absolutely loved these matching outfits in the hospital by Baby Be Mine Maternity. They have outfits for boys too! Click the link here to shop

labor gown matching mother baby outfit

More pictures from the hospital:

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My Favorite Breastfeeding Products.

The day after I came home from the hospital I was in complete tears. Most of it was due to postpartum hormones but mainly because I didn’t want to breastfeed Annslee Kate anymore. Those super cute pictures on google of mommy and baby breastfeeding are what I imagined and that was NOT us. I felt this enormous guilt because society puts a ton of pressure on women and breastfeeding. Every ounce inside of me told myself to keep going but I really wanted to just give up.



I was completely exhausted because I was the only one feeding her (not to mention I just gave birth and was in labor for like 15 hours) and we were having terrible latching problems. Latching problems as in she were getting fed but her lip was tucked and it made sores. My nipples hurt. I mean I almost cried and gripped the couch at the beginning of every feeding.


My mom was there to help but said if this is too much you know you can give her a bottle. This exact situation happened with Grayson. I came home from the hospital and I didn’t have the team of nurses checking my latch every couple hours. I didn’t have the support and when he didn’t latch on, I pumped and gave him a bottle. He never latched on since I came home for the hospital.

If you can take anything from this blog post I want to tell you to not be afraid to ask. Moms need help. There is a special power that moms have when they form these groups and communities to give each other help and advice. I don’t encourage mom shaming (pointing out when a mom does something they think is wrong) but I do encourage moms helping other moms. So I reached out to a breastfeeding mom group on facebook and I posted my sore nipple situation. There were several moms telling me not to give up and they gave visual tips on helping my latch.

I have two friends that helped me so much and they still continue to help me. One has been breastfeeding her baby girl for a while.  Not only did they give tips but they gave support and that’s what I needed more than anything. Someone on the sidelines telling me I can do it and I can keep going. I even sent pictures of my nipples to my friend Cassie and she didn’t mind at all. She saved our breastfeeding experience and I cannot thank her enough for that.

The CONS of Breastfeeding for me.

  1. You are the only one feeding your baby unless you pump and let daddy give a daddy bottle. So that’s where exhaustion kicks in especially if they are feeding every hour and a half to two hours.
  2. Your nipples will be sore for a while. A great latch helps but from what I have read even experienced breastfeeding moms still have sore nipples because they are being stretched and pulled.
  3. You don’t know if they are getting fed. This was hard for me because I didn’t know if she getting enough milk. Moms like feeding their children. I mean everytime I go to grandmas house whats the first thing they do? Ask if you are hungry. It’s in our nature to feed our children and it terrified me not knowing if Annslee Kate was getting fed.

The PROS of Breastfeeding for me.

  1. I don’t have to warm up a bottle and I don’t have to clean bottles all day. This is pretty much amazing.
  2. Breastfeeding does have so many benefits and I love how I am providing food for my baby. That is so cool.
  3. It contracts your uterus so your stomach will go down faster. Our bodies were meant to breastfeed and everything is connected. Breastfeeding helps postpartum and helps you get your body back.
  4. The bond. WOW. There really is a bond. I know this is something people make fun of or maybe don’t think is true. But coming from a mom that gave a bottle with her first and breastfed the second. It’s different. I wish I stuck with breastfeeding Grayson.
  5. It SAVES money. Who doesn’t wanna save money? I am not buying formula and so no telling how much money we are saving.
  6. It burns 500 calories a day. Another way you’re going to get your body back. Not that this is the most important thing but hey, I want it back lol.
  7. When I take the baby out I don’t have to pack bottles or formula. My diaper bag weighs less.

As you can see my pros definitely outweigh the cons for me. But this is my choice and if you want to give your baby formula you are not a bad mom and don’t feel like breastfeeding is something that has to be done. You do what’s best for you and your baby and if formula is best for yall then do it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are doing a great job raising your little tiny human. Formula or Breastmilk.

*to shop any of these products just click on the name of the product and it will take you to shop. Most are linked to Amazon. 


Medela Breast Pump

I had this breastpump when Grayson was born and I seriously love it. I don’t know if you know this or not but I am an organized freak and I love the bag and how you can zip it up and it has a ton of pockets. My breast milk supply has always responded well to this pump but nothing beats an actual latch when it comes to supply.


Boppy Pillow

This pillow is a must-have for holding the baby but especially for breastfeeding the baby.


It’s a good idea to get a couple extra slipcovers too so you don’t have to do laundry every day. I cannot express how much I love this product.



Affordable Maternity Bras

They are a must when breastfeeding. I love these maternity bras. I got them when I was pregnant because my boobs grew so big and they are really affordable. I suggested them to one of my best friends and she loved them as well.

Maternity Bra for Hands Free Pumping

I haven’t tried this yet but since I feed her on one side and pump the other side for supply I am going to try this bra. Plus I will be pumping when I go back to work.


Stainless Steel Cup

Water intake is so important. I don’t know if you are weird like me but I have to have my water extremely cold in a stainless steel cup with a straw. Something about it being cold makes me drink it more. Whatever works right?

Coconut Oil

It is cheaper and more organic then nipple cream. Use it liberally the first couple days. After every feed. I had a mom recommend this to me and I love it.


Medela Nipples

I have introduced one bottle a day for Annslee Kate. I call it the daddy bottle. I love these medela nipple attachments because I don’t have to pour the breastmilk into another bottle. I can just use the bottles I already have.


Google Home Mini

I bet you are wondering why I put a google home mini as one of my favorite products while breastfeeding? I play relaxing music when I feed her in her room. It just keeps me relaxed and not stressed. I just go into her room and clear my mind and the music helps.


Medela Storage Bags

These are my absolute favorite bags because they can stand up on their own and they don’t leak. You can get a 100 count for $14 on Amazon. Just use the link above.

silicone breast pump review

Silicone Breast Pump

This product suction cups to the opposite boob you are feeding on to catch the letdown flow. It is amazing how much milk you will save by using this. I love how I don’t have to hold this product it just stays on but you have to be careful not to knock it off because I spilled 4 ounces of milk on the floor yesterday and almost cried. I also think the suction is just a little uncomfortable but that is only because I am new at breastfeeding and I have really sore nipples.

A lot of moms swear by this product so I definitely think this is a must! It is so easy to use and you don’t have to worry about carrying the pump around your house. Also super easy to clean.

I know this is a long post but I hope it provided some help and encouragement from a new breastfeeding mom. I am enjoying every second of this newborn stage and soaking up every single minute.

As always, thanks for reading and don’t be afraid to comment any questions. I am not an expert but I would love to help. Did you see my video from the hospital? Click here to Meet Annslee Kate Schwartz.


newbornbabyphoto newbornbabyphoto newbornbabyandmom


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My Morning Routine: Tips on Energy and Glowing Skin.

Here is a look at my morning routine including some of my favorite skin products. I have links to shop and prices on everything. Let me know if you have any questions.

todd beauty


Morning Routine Essentials:

  1. Iron Supplement
  2. Vitamins
  3. Coconut Oil
  4. Ice Water with Lemon
  5. Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean
  6. Soniclear Petite by Micheal Todd Beauty
  7. Image Vital C Face Moisturizer

1. Slow Release Iron

When I had my blood checked for gestational diabetes at the doctor they told me my iron was low. My doctor prescribed me slow release Iron and told me to take it with a glass of orange juice. I was super scared to take it because iron typically makes me sick to my stomach. I do take this vitamin at night most of the time after dinner before bed. I am sure you are wondering why I put this in my morning routine. Well since I started taking iron supplements I have had a ton of energy and I have noticed that it has been really easy for me to wake up in the morning. I have definitely noticed a change in my energy level and I take it every day now faithfully. Please note that I am not a doctor and I am not suggesting or prescribing you anything (I am just letting you know what works for me). Talk to you doctor before taking any supplements or vitamins.

2. Vitamins

I am on a women’s one a day prenatal vitamin and boy does it do wonder to your hair, skin, and nails. It is one of the greatest things about pregnancy. It has really been great for my skin. Even when I am not pregnant I take women’s one a day gummies and they help my hair and skin so much.

3.  Coconut Oil 

I cannot get over the organic benefits of coconut oil. Not only is it a really cheap and affordable beauty product but it’s also natural which is awesome. I use coconut oil to rub on my eyelashes every morning to help my natural lashes grow and to remove any excess makeup that I missed the night before. I also use it on my lips for a chapstick. It’s a great essential for my morning routine.


4.Water with Lemon 

Your body has gone all night without anything to drink. Drinking lemon water in the morning is a great detox and it helps aid healthy digestion. I know, I know, it’s hard to not want your first sip to be coffee. Lemon water also helps your immune system with the vitamin c and it helps your skin glow. It can also help you keep a healthy weight. Wow ladies… is there any reason you shouldn’t drink lemon water? lol


5. Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean 

  • It’s a Cleanser/ Toner/ Makeup Remover- perfect for moms/ girls that are too busy to spend a ton of time on skincare
  • Perfect for all Skintypes
  • Massage into Dry Skin.
  • I use this with the Soniclear Petite by Micheal Todd Beauty. link to shop: http://rstyle.me/~acyJF
  • I love how the soap is a foam. Foam soup is the best. Why do they make anything other than that? lol
  • Price: $28.00 at Ulta
  • Link to shop http://rstyle.me/~acyII

soniclear petite by micheal todd beauty

6. Soniclear Petite by Micheal Todd Beauty 

  • It strips away dead skin cells, makeup, dirt, and oil 6x better than hands alone.
    • I definitely agree. I had dead skin on my chin and around my nose and it’s not there anymore.
    • I use this after I use a makeup remover wipe and I see makeup come off in the brush.
    • It cleared up a ton of my blackheads all over my chin and nose.
  • Make sure you wash your brush head with an antibacterial soap after every use.  My friend Stephanie gave me that tips! Thank you Steph!
  • I was scared to use it at first but I love the way it makes my skin feel. I honestly use this every day now.
  • Its cordless and waterproof.
  • This post is sponsored by Micheal Todd Beauty.
  • Price $89 at Ulta.
  • Link to shop


7. Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Repair Creme 

  • A little bit goes a long way.
  • It makes your face smell like oranges which is super amazing.
  • It helps with aging, redness, and dry skin.
  • Contains vitamins A, C, E to nourish and help protect the skin.
  • I put this on before my makeup and primer every morning.
  • Seriously my favorite face moisturizer.
  • Typically estheticians carry this product and it’s hard to find.
  • I did find some on overstock.com
  • Price: $36.99
  • link to shop

Do you want to know my favorite hair products? Find them here

Thanks for reading and watching this post. Maybe your mornings will be happier with these simple tips. Mornings are no that fun here at the Schwartz House especially Monday Mornings lol.


























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What is in Momma’s Hospital Bag.

What’s in Momma’s Hospital Bag

hospital bag

This Rock Flower Paper bag is perfect for overnighting somewhere. You can shop the bag here

The Checklist


  1. 2 sleep dresses
  2. 1 robe
  3. 3 pairs of sock
  4. 5 pairs of maternity underwear
  5. 3 pairs of maternity bras
  6. 2 pairs of button up pj’s
  7. 2 maternity tank tops to go under pj’s (optional)
  8. slippers
  9. flip flops for the shower
  10. Going home outfit for mommy
  11. maternity top
  12. maternity leggings
  13. boots
  14. jacket


  1. Makeup Essentials
    1. foundation
    2. foundation powder
    3. eyeliner
    4. mascara/falsies/ falsie glue/ tweezers
    5. blush
    6. lipstick/chapstick
    7. blush brush
    8. beauty blender
    9. small bucket to set everything in
  2. postpartum maxi pads
  3. prenatal vitamins
  4. travel body wash and loofa
  5. travel toothpaste/ toothpaste/ floss
  6. deodorant
  7. dry shampoo
  8. makeup remover wipes
  9. coconut oil
  10. hairbrush
  11. hair bands and ties
  12. face wash/ face lotion


  1. laptop- charger
  2. phone- charger
  3. apple watch- charger
  4. camera bag
  5. favorite fuzzy blanket

I am going to show you some outfit ideas that I am packing in my hospital bag and why I am packing them.

pregnancy robe
This white robe is perfect to wear over sleep dresses because they cover and the silk is so comfy for you and the baby.
pregnancy clothes
I love pj’s that are button down because they make it super easy to breastfeed and you can stay warm.
postpartum clothes
Make sure you size up because you will still have a little baby bump postpartum.
gold slippers
These gold slippers are perfect for walking around at the hospital
Pack plenty of maternity bras and underwear. These underwear are perfect if you have a c-section scar.

Shop this underwear here

Shop bras here

Night gowns are my favorite because they are so comfortable and are also easy for breastfeeding.
Look how pretty this robe looks on top of the night gown.
Don’t forget fuzzy socks. These fuzzy socks you can wear at the hospital or during delivery.
maternity top.
This top is for going home. Its so flattering around the belly and it breast feeding accessible.

hospital bag


I love how I can put all my bathroom essentials in the front pockets so they are easy accessible and I don’t have to worry about them spilling on my clothes.
Don’t forget your hairbrush, hair ties, and hand bands. I will more then likely have a braid the entire time.

These are my makeup essentials that I cannot live without. Notice I didn’t pack my contour pallate or 30 brushes. This is the only makeup I will feel like putting on in the hospital if any.
I love how this bag has a spot for your cards and don’t forget to pack your insurance card in here too.
The hospital gives you postpartum pads but they are not too great. I brought a few of my own for the ride home. Make sure you pack tucks pads too.
Don’t forget to pack prenatal vitamins especially if you plan on breast feeding.
hospital bag
Don’t forget a head band to keep your hair out of your face during labor
I use coconut oil as a lotion, lip balm, and most importantly to remove all my makeup. My biggest tip is to remove all your makeup before you go into labor. You will not be taking any pictures while in labor and you will only take them after. I didn’t let anyone take a picture of me until I put my makeup on and I am going to have a clean face this time.
Makeup wipes are also great to have in your hospital bag in case you are too tired to wash your face.


fuzzy blanket for the hospital
So the last time I was in labor I packed a big fuzzy blanket. I am so glad I did this because it is awesome to have for you and the baby. It’s so soft and comfortable it makes you feel more at home.

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All My Hair Secrets and Details.

All my Hair Products are listed below.

hairproducts hiddencrownhairextensisons

All of these hair products are in my shower or on my bathroom sink. I use these products almost every day. The most dramatic difference you are going to have with your hairstyles is buying extensions and I talk about them below. I get way more compliments on my hair when my extensions are in. It not only adds length but it adds a ton of volume. Let me know if you have any questions about anything and I will be glad to answer! Latest blog post here



My Favorite Hair Products:


paulmitchellblondeshampooI use Paul Mitchell Blonde 

This shampoo is purple and it helps your hair stay a beautiful blonde color.

If you are blonde you know it can turn this ugly brassy color. This prevents your hair from doing that.

Shop this shampoo here



This conditioner is great if you color your hair.

Sulfate will strip your color and this keeps your color lasting longer.

Shop this conditioner here


Dry Shampoo

This is my favorite Dry Shampoo because of the price.

I only wash my hair about once a week.

I use this every day in between washes.

Shop this dry shampoo here

Texture Spray


I use texture spray to help my curls stay in and it really does work.

If you have thin hair like me and you need extra body you have to get some texture spray.

Spray in your hair when wet.

Shop this texture spray here

Curling Iron


I use a 3/4 inch Hot Tools Curling Iron.

I only curl small pieces of hair. Maybe 1-inch pieces

Shop this curling iron here

Frizz Control 


Dry Shampoo can cause your hair to be frizzy.

Also the winter can really dry your hair out with the heating inside the house.

I use this product when my hair is wet or dry.

Just apply a small amount in the palms and rub it all over your hair to calm down your frizz. Try not to touch your roots.

Shop this Frizz Ease here



I use 2 different types of extensions. I use Halo extensions (halo is one big piece attached to a fishing wire) and Clip in extensions (they have 9 weft pieces that you clip in all over your head).

There are pros and cons to both but right now I have been loving halo extensions because they only take a second to put in and out, they are more comfortable for everyday wear, they are very easily hidden, and they blend a lot easier.

The cons with a halo are that you can only do a couple hairstyles (mainly for wearing your hair down) and sometimes the fishing wire will rub on your head and makes your hair do this weird loop thing. So you have to watch it sometimes.  I am wearing halo extensions in this picture and  Shop these exact extensions here.

Hair Brush


This is seriously the best hair brush I have ever used.

I love it because it doesn’t hurt your head when you are trying to get out all of the tangles.

This is a great brush to use every day and for when you do a blow out with your hairdryer.

Shop this hairbrush here


Hair Spray 


This is by far my favorite Hairspray because it holds my curl so well.

Not only does it hold your style but it also adds a ton of volume.

Shop this hairspray here

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Three Outfit Ideas from Pink Blush Maternity.

Collaboration with Pink Blush Maternity.

I am wearing a small in this dress. Shop Pink Floral Dress here




I am wearing a Large in this dress. They sent me a small and it was way too small in the bust area so size up!  Shop White Maxi Dress here






This top is a size small.

Shop yellow shoes and earrings from this blog post here

Shop Magenta Off the Shoulder Chiffon Top here

Hey Guys,

I teamed up with Pink Blush Maternity to show you three different styles and how I styled them.

Style 1- I am wearing this floral off the shoulder top to my baby shower next weekend. This dress is so soft and stretchy. You could wear it for a special occasion or just around the house. It is seriously made of the best material. I love the floral print. Floral print just reminds me of my sweet Annslee Kate because I want to decorate her room in all floral.

Style 2- This white maxi dress runs small in the bust area. I definitely had size up quite a bit and I am so glad I got a Large. If you are pregnant and your bust hasn’t gotten too large then you could probably get by with your normal size.

Style 3- This Magenta top is a show stopper for sure. I love how flowy it is and the color is so pretty. I added an extra pop of color with the yellow just to be a daredevil but you could totally style this with some cheetah print heels as well.

Watch my Youtube Video here:

I hope yall have a great Thursday (Friday Junior)


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